Pumpkin Egg

Harper told me this morning that she wanted a pumpkin egg for lunch. Oh, really? Well, that's easy! So I think spiders are the theme for Harper's lunches this holiday. I just LOVE how those black spiders look on the orange and yellow Halloween colors! She is starting to really look forward to her lunches (maybe it has to do with the rings?).  


Harper's lunch today is in a Sterilite container. She's eating a fried egg cut with a pumpkin cookie cutter found in the Target $1 bins (there is also a piece of bread resting under the egg). She is eating sweet orange mini peppers and orange tomatoes. There is that spider ring that came in a pack of 20 for $1 at Party City. She is eating cantaloupe squares for dessert in a large silicone cup found as a pack of two in the Target $1 bins.  

Things used for this lunch: