Pumpkin Egg

Harper told me this morning that she wanted a pumpkin egg for lunch. Oh, really? Well, that's easy! So I think spiders are the theme for Harper's lunches this holiday. I just LOVE how those black spiders look on the orange and yellow Halloween colors! She is starting to really look forward to her lunches (maybe it has to do with the rings?).  


Harper's lunch today is in a Sterilite container. She's eating a fried egg cut with a pumpkin cookie cutter found in the Target $1 bins (there is also a piece of bread resting under the egg). She is eating sweet orange mini peppers and orange tomatoes. There is that spider ring that came in a pack of 20 for $1 at Party City. She is eating cantaloupe squares for dessert in a large silicone cup found as a pack of two in the Target $1 bins.  

Things used for this lunch: 

Fall Kabob

Here we are again, still on the countdown to Halloween! Harper is loving these lunches. Now, she's starting to expect spider rings! We skipped the spider rings on this one, but I'm sure she loved that crazy eyed pumpkin pick! 


Harper's lunch is in an EasyLunchBoxes container. She is eating a turkey, cherry tomato and string cheese kabob with sliced mini red peppers. The kabob stick was found at the Target $1 spot in a pack of 8 (assorted colors). I cut up a granny smith (her favorite type of apple) into squares, and the pumpkin pick is actually a bookmark If ound at Party City in a pack of 12 for $1! I've given her Wheat Thins. And in the small silicone cup is dry roasted edamame.

Things found in this lunch: 

Preschool Pumpkin

It is two weeks until Halloween! I've been busy brainstorming ideas for fun and spooky Halloween lunches for Harper.  It wasn't until last week that I realized Harper has only celebrated two Halloweens (remember, she is only three!) and she may be a little too young to understand the "spooky" aspect of the holiday. We were reading a fun Halloween book last week when she pointed out a ghost and asked me what it was. It's funny how an image so familiar to an adult is so foreign to a little one.

One thing is for sure, she knows pumpkins! And of course, she knows spiders! I wish I could have seen the look on her face when she opened her lunch to eat it! I'm wondering if, at first glance, she thought the spiders were real?!

halloween lunch.jpeg

For the pumpkin, I used a pumpkin cookie cutter found in the $1 bins at Target, Wilton candy eyes, and orange/yellow nonpareils also found in the $1 bins. I've also included orange heirloom cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks, Fage plain Greek yogurt with orange/yellow nonpareils, and cantaloupe balls. The spiders came in a pack of 20 (10 black and 10 orange) from Party City. Also, $1!

I am participating in my very first blog hop here today. A blog hop? What exactly is a blog hop? Well, I'm here to tell you, my friends! Even though I've only been creating and documenting Harper's lunches for a short period of time, I've met some pretty amazing ladies (and a few men too!) who create fun and fabulous lunches for their little ones. Imagine that! So we've all come together to show you what we can do. All you'll need to do is click on the image below to hop on over to Organized Bites to view the next Halloween lunch. Have a frightful, spooky, ghoulish Halloweeeeeeen!!!