Cantaloupe Skulls

The countdown to Halloween continues! We're doing it every day until the holiday so check back in with us as the month progresses. And yes, Harper still wants to be a Fairy Princess. Only now, she wants pigtails. I can't make this stuff up!


Today Harper is having tricolor rotini parmesan pasta. Those spiders were found at Party City in a pack of 20 for $1! She also has carrot sticks, string cheese and orange cherry tomatoes. The container that holds her lunch is from an Annabel Karmel mealbox. I actually like the insides of the mealbox better than the lunchbox itself. For dessert she has cantaloupe squares and blackberries. The skull picks came in a pack of 6 at the Target $1 spot. The orange silicone cup is also from the Target $1 spot - they came in a pack of two.