Sabra Super Bowl Lunch


It's no secret that Harper LOVES hummus, but it can't be just ANY hummus. The girl HAS TO HAVE Sabra. Even at 5 years old, she knows the difference between Sabra and the imitators.  She dips her veggies and cheeses and pretzels in her hummus and she even fights her little brother for it (he loves the Sabra too!). So it was only fitting that we try Sabra's guacamole! And let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

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This week, I sent Harper to school with a fun lunch to get her pumped up for the upcoming Super Bowl. Here, she has Sabra guacamole, cheddar cheese squares, slices of sweet peppers, sweet potato chips and green grapes. For a little treat, she has chocolate covered sunflower seeds. And for fun, she has a whistle to blow! You know, so she can play referee for a quick moment (until the lunch monitor takes it away from her). REBEL!