Go-GURT Friends


Go-GURT Friends eating cantaloupe and grapes, this lunch is perfect for frogs and apes.

It is also perfect for your child! Did you know that Go-GURT is THE VERY FIRST yogurt in a tube? The others are just imitators! Yoplait actually came up with the idea of putting yogurt in a tube before anyone else, and what I perfect idea it was! Go-GURT couldn't be any more convenient. There is no mess. No leaks. You don't have to worry about yogurt getting all over the other parts of your child's lunch! It's all contained in the tube. Easy. Easy. Easy. And that's what lunches should be about.

Harper's lunch here is in an EasyLunchboxes container. She has a Go-GURT Yogurt tube with cantaloupe and grapes. The large green silicone cup is from the Target $1 bins! The little frog and monkey are from CuteZCute Animal Food Picks Set. Harper has a cream cheese stuffed yellow mini-pepper and a cucumber and cream cheese sandwich in a Wilton Square Silicone Cup. She also has a couple of cheddar cubes and some crackers in a Mini Silicone Cup.