Go-GURT Campers


Go-GURT campers sleeping under the moon, this yogurt doesn't even need a spoon.

By now, I'm sure you know about Go-GURT, but if there is any chance that you don't, I'm here to tell you! Go-GURT is the super convenient and super fun way for your child (or yourself) to eat yogurt. You don't need a spoon to eat this yummy goodness. All you need is a couple of fingers to rip open the tube. It's THAT easy! Go out and get your family some.

Harper has a super tasty and fun breakfast-for-lunch with scrambled eggs here in an EasyLunchboxes container. The cute little flowers found in the eggs are from CuteZCute Bento 3D Food Picks (we LOVE this set!!). She has a Strawberry Banana Burst Go-GURT tube with cucumber slices and baby carrots. Harper also has cheddar cheese and string cheese cubes, and apples cut in the shape of flowers. I cut the apples by using Mini Vegetable Cutters. All of this is housed in Wilton Square Silicone Cups. For crunch, she has Chinese noodles.