Apple Eggs


When it comes to food, I've said that there is nothing I love more than seeing Harper's face when I put lunch in front of her each day. The reaction she has is what keeps me going. The reaction she has is the reason I want to teach ALL MOMS EVERYWHERE how to do what I'm doing. So the feeling I had when I got to see the reaction on the faces of THREE girls may have just been too much to handle. HA! Harper has recently been asking me if she can have her friends over for lunch. For a four year old, my daughter is the communicator of ALL communicators, so it's only fitting that she likes to have company ("company" meaning more than me and her brother) during her lunch time.

These three lunches are in EasyLunchboxes containers. They each have a fun shaped hard-boiled egg created with an Egg Mold. The eggs are being held by a Mini Silicone Cup. They also have strawberry hearts with each of their initials by using Letter Food Picks. The apple slices were stamped in the middle with a Mini Veggie Cutter. They each have cucumber slices in a Wilton Square Silicone Cup and crackers with cheddar cheese.