Valentine's Day


Are you ready for Valentine's Day lunches? You aren't? Well, you better get to it! And I have some good news.... There isn't much to it!! As I said in a PREVIOUS POST, not much goes into creating a lunch for Valentine's Day! You can look at these six ideas and see that I really didn't use any fancy tools! Learn to make that strawberry heart and you got yourself a LOVE(ly) lunch! If you'd like to add some ooomph to it, I'm going to give you a list of what you may need.

You want to make a sandwich in the shape of a heart? All you need is the Wilton Nesting Heart Cutter Set to be able to make all different sized sandwiches. You and I both know that not all bread is created equal. Sliced bread is not as easy, as well, sliced bread. They come in all different sizes and this set will help you to use the correct size cutter for your bread.

Your child doesn't like sandwiches? Well, how about you make him/her a hard-boiled egg in the shape of a heart? Hard-boiled eggs are so overlooked for kid's lunches! It's such a shame because eggs are healthy and full of protein. It's super easy to create fun egg shapes by using an Egg Mold!

OK, so you don't want to buy a sandwich cutter or an egg mold because you feel like you'll only use it once a year and you don't want it taking up space in your kitchen cabinets? Go out and get some Wilton Jumbo Heart Sprinkles and sprinkle those things in some yogurt with a side of crackers and fruit! You can pick those up at Target or even your grocery store near all the Valentine candy. Wah-lah! Insta-LOVE lunch!

Heart sprinkles? Phooey! Who needs heart sprinkles? My child is not going to like the LOVE-y dovey crunchy heart sprinkles in their yogurt! If you have that idea in your head, run out to your nearest Trader Joe's and pick up some of the Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies and you can spell out your own little sweet message. I mean, what child (or adult!) doesn't LOVE cookies?

Oh, you don't have a Trader Joe's in your city? Oh, man. Well, here's what you do. Learn to make those strawberry hearts!

Happy Valentine's Day!

P.S. That bowl of yummy-looking goodness on the bottom in the middle? Oh, that's granola with heart sprinkles! You want the recipe? Well, check back in a few days and I'd LOVE to give it to you. But you'll have to go out and get some of those sprinkles.