Little Star


This sandwich container is how Food For Harper all began. I've been getting a lot of inquiries lately about how I started to create these fun lunches for Harper. The answer is simple. I first started creating fun lunches when I was working and leaving Harper with her nanny each day. She was 2 years old (about the exact same age our little Adler is now!) and I was using too many sandwich bags for her lunches. The five food groups that you see in her lunches now were going straight into five different sandwich baggies. And after she was done eating what was in those bags, out they went into the trash! Not too environmentally friendly!

Harper was a bit obsessed with Elmo at the time, and my mom got her an Elmo Sandwich Box. It sat in a drawer for months when one day, I pulled it out to use as a "plate" for her dinner. And that is when it all fell into place. I was making her lunches in this little Elmo sandwich box for months and months. Every. Single. Day. Then, Harper decided she was going to grow and she was going to need more food. HA! She was graduating from Elmo, and I had to decide which box was a good box to move up to. That's when I found EasyLunchBoxes. And then, well, lunches just started to get prettier.

But it all started with just a little box. A little box I found in a drawer. A little box that I had no idea would forever change the way I'd do lunch. Now, there's no going back.