Elmo Lunch


Our last weekend of Summer was spend at Sesame Place in Pennsylvania! We went last year for the same Labor Day weekend and had the best time! This year, well, it wasn't as fabulous, but the kids had fun nonetheless. That's what matters, right?

Did you know that I started doing bento for Harper's lunches in an Elmo sandwich container? Well, now you do! This exact container was the start of it all. I was using so many little plastic baggies to prepare Harper's lunches and I knew I needed to come up with a more environmentally friendly solution. Harper's Geema (my mom) knew she loved Elmo and bought her this fun container. I had no idea what I would do with it, but then my mind started running wild, and my lunch packing creations were born.

Here, I have a lunch for Adler, our sweet 21 month old boy. In his Elmo Sandwich Box, he has hummus in a Kitchen Supplies Silicone Cup. He also has yellow pepper slices, a clementine, and Keebler Club Crackers. He also has a Go-GURT yogurt tube.