Go-GURT Slurpppppp


Go-GURT Slurpppppp with fruit, veggies and cracker, yogurt is perfect if you're a snacker.

Have you or your child(ren) tried Go-GURT? I am super excited to announce that I am an official Go-GURT Lunchbox Blogger. I have partnered up with Go-GURT throughout the next school year to bring you fun and easy ideas for your child(ren)'s lunches. Yoplait's Go-GURT is the super easy, super convenient way to eat yogurt! Open up your fridge, take out a Go-GURT, pop it in the lunch-bag or box, and WAHLAH! you've got a serving of dairy in your child's lunch!

Harper's lunch here is in a Sistema Klip It Lunch Cube. Ohhh man, do I LOVE these boxes! It has great compartments for your kid's lunch, and on top of it all, it is very inexpensive! In the blue Wilton Silicone Square Baking Cups, Harper is eating cucumber slices, a clementine (with very cute eye food picks!), green grapes and a cream cheese filled orange mini-pepper. She also has what we call a juice "squeezie", decorated with little snail stickers, crackers and a Go-GURT Strawberry Splash tube.