Mini Sandwiches


I've found that Harper likes deli sandwiches more when she can put them together herself. So here, I've given her the ingredients to make her own little mini sandwiches. I cut up the bread in little squares and cut up little slices of deli meat to fit perfectly on the bread. Of course, I've thrown in some dairy, fruit and veggies for good measure. And a big surprise for her is the oatmeal cookie! Once in a while, I'll give her a treat and she gets so excited when she sees it!

Harper's lunch is in an EasyLunchboxes container. She has Arnold's Healthy Multi-Grain Bread with Boar's Head honey ham and Creamy Original Swiss Laughing Cow cheese. She also has cherry tomatoes and a carrot in a Wilton Flower Silicone Fun Cup, mango slices and raspberries. And the special cookie!