Challah Bunny


Is that a toddler lunch? Well, yes! Yes, it is! I'm gradually going to start giving you ideas for your little one under the age of 2! If you didn't already know, we have a little boy named Adler who also eats. Yeah, really! He's a bit pickier than Harper so you won't be finding a salad with 8 different veggies, but I try! I try try try. I once read that even though your child isn't interested in a certain food, it doesn't mean you should stop giving it to them completely. The article said that it could take up to 20 times for a child to try a food he/she is unfamiliar with. I know it's a lot of food on the floor, but keep trying!

Adler's lunch is on a sectioned plate I got at Target. I LOVE THESE PLATES and they are cheap! He has a peanut butter and honey sandwich on challah bread (yum!) surrounded by Annie's Homegrown Bunny Graham Friends. He also has raspberries, blueberries and blackberries (the blackberries were a mess on the floor and all over his clothing but believe it or not, it DOES NOT STAIN!). He also has cucumber slices.