Salad Egg


<sigh> We just had a wonderful weekend in Sag Harbor visiting MY bestest friend who lives in Florida. She has a little boy a year older than Harper, and a little girl a few months younger than Adler. All the kids had a great time together, sneaking snacks like Italian cookies and brownies. Oh, so THAT is why you wouldn't eat your BBQ chicken, huh?

Harper's lunch here is on a sectioned plate I got at Target. Pack of 2 for very little money! Harper saw me making a salad for myself and she had to get in on the action. She has a salad with romaine, cucumber, broccoli, snap peas, carrots and yellow peppers. She has a piece of pineapple and a hard boiled egg. The flower cup that holds the egg is a Wilton Flower Silicone Fun Cup.