Kitty Peaches


If you've been following along on Instagram and Facebook, you'll know that Harper has been going to camp and she has been using a new lunch box! I was really so skeptical to use anything other than EasyLunchboxes, but I thought I needed to branch out and try something else. I'm very glad I did because I really LOVE the ECOlunchbox three-in-one. It's the perfect size for Harper! The compartments are stackable which creates a perfect little cube when it's closed.

Here, Harper's lunch is in an ECOlunchbox, and she has two little kitty face sandwiches that I created by using the Torune Bento Sandwich Cutter Mold to make an impression on the bread. So cute and so easy! She also has POLLY-O String Cheese, snap peas and a nectarine cut into bits. The kitty and dog picks came in the CuteZCute Bento Food Pick Fork pack. I love these food picks! They were some of the first picks I used back when I first started making lunches for Harper.