Egg Peas


Hello there! We are back! We were just on vacation last week to Texas. Our niece graduated high school in Fort Worth, and then my husband and I decided to leave the kids with family for a few glorious days and go to Austin. Let me tell you a little about Austin, Texas. The food in Austin was so good, that I actually ate a little beef. Yes, I ate a piece of cow. I haven't eaten in beef in over 10 years, but since I waited in line for almost 2 hours for BBQ, I thought it would only be right to try everything that we had on our tray, and, well, that included brisket! WHAT? Our three and a half days consisted of eight meals. And not one of them was bad. As a matter of fact, I think those eight meals may have been the best eight meals I've had in my life. After eating the best pie of my life, we were walking out to our car from the restaurant and I spotted an armadillo. YES! Those hard shelled rolly-polly looking animals. I didn't even know armadillos were really REAL. Ok, so more about the food I ate to continue in another post. But, for now, I'm back and bringing you food ideas for your children!

Today's lunch here is an Adler lunch! Adler will be nineteen months old this week. My little man took quite a fall a couple of weeks ago at a playground (more on that in another post), but he is learning to eat again. Poor baby lost some teeth so he's learning to bite with his back teeth. Believe it or not, he's doing pretty good!

This lunch is in a Yumbox! We LOVE this box. It's simple with clean lines and it's clear. You all know how much I love to show the color of our food. Adler has quite an array of food here. He is eating scrambled egg, Pepperidge Farm Harvest Wheat Crackers which are found in the Cracker Trio Box, and Sabra Classic Hummus. I've touched upon the fact that our Adler LOVESSSS hummus. Have you given your toddler hummus? If not, you should! It's so so healthy, and it's packed with protein. I actually hide the egg in his hummus (he's not a fan of eggs!). He also has cucumber bits and cherry tomatoes cut in half, mangos and strawberries, yellow pepper slices cut thin, snow peas and cheddar cheese bits.