Flower Sandwich


Yesterday, I took part in a series over on Wendolonia titled "3 Tools, 3 Lunches". You're thinking, "WHAT?". But it's simple to understand. You see, three different bloggers took three different tools and created their own lunch using those tools. It's truly amazing to see each of the lunches. Go on over to check it out!

Harper was so very excited about this lunch in her EasyLunchboxes container! She has a peanut butter and honey sandwich that I cut using three of the Nesting Flower Cookie Cutters. I used the smallest flower cutter to shape the cucumber flowers and the Mini Babybel cheese. The cheese comes wrapped in a waxy red coating and it's super easy to punch a small veggie cutter to create a shape! Harper also has cherry tomatoes with a Leaf Food Pick. I LOVE these picks! For her fruit, she has pineapple chunks. The cute little bumble bee and ladybug are CuteZCute Bento Food Picks and they are among my favorites!