Egg Heart


Friday is upon us! You know, this blog isn't the only place where you can find my lunch ideas! There are days I don't post on the blog, but I'm still posting lunches to Instagram and to the Food For Harper Facebook page. Are you following along in those places? If not, you should! For instance, I posted a lunch in those places EVERY. DAY. THIS. WEEK! On Instagram, I also give a sneak peak into my life, so check it out!

Harper's lunch here is in an EasyLunchboxes container. She has a heart egg that was molded by using this Heart Shaped Egg Mold. She also has apple chunks, Carr's Cheese Melts Crackers and Laughing Cow Original Creamy Swiss Cheese. Her veggies are carrot sticks and Trader Joe's Cornichons (which she and her daddy LOVE!).