Egg Flower


I'm bringing you more food ideas for your children, but first I need to back up and talk a little more about Austin, Texas. My husband and I spent a few days in Austin last week and we ate some of the best food of our lives. Among those meals was a pie called "Sweet Tea Pie" from Lucy's Fried Chicken. What? Sweet Tea Pie? YES, Sweet Tea Pie! If you happen to make your way down to Austin, I'd highlyl recommend getting a piece of this pie. Actually, just buy the whole pie. Eat a slice for breakfast in the morning.... You'll thank me later. More about Austin food to come later.

Here, Harper's little fingers can't stand to wait to eat this fancy lunch. The plates are from Target and they are cheap cheap cheap. Super easy to compartmentalize your child's food. Here, Harper has scrambled eggs, Pepperidge Farm Harvest Wheat crackers, and an array of vegetables. To catch her eye, I've placed cheddar cheese flowers over her veggies. You'll see that is what she went for FIRST. You can make those flowers by simply using these Stainless Steel Mini Vegetable Cutters. Super easy and super cheap! Harper also has some sliced mango with a cute little flower pick.