Mango Egg


I've spoken quite frequently about our little guy, Adler. Adler will be 18 months old on Saturday, and many people have been asking me what I feed to our little toddler. If you're wondering if he's as good of an eater as Harper, the answer is no. He's not, but he is a decent eater - just not as good of an eater as Harper was at this age. Different children. Different eaters. He will usually try things he is not used to, but the boy is obsessed with hummus. He will eat hummus with every day! (And, well, he kinda does!)

These meals here are Harper and Adler's lunch. You will see, they are basically the same. Adler's is on the top, and Harper's is on the bottom. By the way, the plates are from Target. I got them on clearance. YAY for Target Clearance! They came in a pack of two for $.56! Yeah, you heard that right. 56 CENTS! My children are eating Keebler Club Multi-Grain Crackers, mango, red peppers and omelets with cheddar cheese. Harper has carrots, but Adler does not. I still get super scared about the choking thing. You know, because we all should be scared about that with our little ones!

So here it is. Maybe tomorrow, I'll add in what MY lunch looks like. Stay tuned.