Pepper Banana


Adler, Adler, my sweet Adler. My sweet Adler has become a not-so-great eater lately! Ahhhhhh! I'm not used to this madness. Adler's lunch here is a pretty standard lunch for him. Usually, he has cheese instead of yogurt. Oh, and he has crackers or bread on the side. If carbs are missing from his meal, all hell breaks loose.

He used to eat a lot of Sabra Hummus. I couldn't keep the stuff in our fridge. I think he is officially sick of classic hummus. Eeek! So last time I went over to Trader Joe's, I picked him up some edamame hummus (have you tried it? It's REALLY good!), but after tasting it, he looked at me and violently shook his head NO. Alrighty then.

Adler's lunch here is on a Skip Hop Zoo Melamine Plate. We LOVE LOVE LOVE these plates!! He is eating Stonyfield Organic Whole Milk French Vanilla Yogurt. He also has mini orange pepper slices, banana and mango, and strawberries. He ate it all BUT the strawberries. Apparently, he's sick of strawberries too. That little devil.