Grape Rolls


I've been doing a lot of Harper's lunches in something other than EasyLunchboxes containers. It's not that I no longer LOVE EasyLunchboxes, because I absolutely DO! They are, by far, my favorite boxes to use. You can look back at previous lunches and see that 90% of Harper's lunches are in EasyLunchboxes containers. It's just that I've been experimenting with other boxes, and I've been liking how Harper's lunches have been coming out. What do you think?

Now that I'm home with my children full time, I've realized that my favorite part of the day is eating lunch with them. It's so much fun to sit and talk to Harper about what she did in school that day. While she eats her lunch, I think she must say, "This lunch is deeelicious!" about five times. HA! Silly girl.

Here, Harper's lunch is in an Annabel Karmel mealbox. She has ham and cream cheese rolls wrapped in Mission Super Soft Flour Tortilla wraps. She also has green grapes and cantaloupe with yellow heirloom cherry tomatoes and snap peas all from Trader Joe's. Dang, I just LOVE Trader Joe's! Her snap peas are in Kitchen Supply Silicone Cups, and her tomatoes are in MIni Silicone Cups. Those bad boys come in a pack of three for 57 cents!!