Harumi Kurihara


Harumi Kurihara is a celebrity chef and has often been called "The Martha Stewart of Japan." And last month, I had the pleasure of meeting her.

Yeah, WHAT?!?

Harumi came in to our home and interviewed me while I made a lunch for Harper. It was a surreal experience and something I never, in a million years, would have thought could EVER happen, let alone in the first three months of launching the Food For Harper blog.

I have to be completely honest and tell you that when she walked into our apartment, I did not know who she was. When I was contacted by a person at Extra Virgin Media for more information about myself and my blog, I told her what I could. When she asked me if I'd be interested in being interviewed by Harumi Kurihara, I said, "Yeah, why not?!" I did not look up any information about Harumi until after I met her.  Good thing because this woman is FOR REAL. She is the real deal, people. I would have been a nervous wreck. She has over 20 bestselling cookbooks and her recipe magazine has sold over five million copies. She has a line of cookware named after her!

Harumi walked into our apartment with her television crew, so sweet, and soft spoken. As she made her way towards the end of the hallway in our apartment, she spotted our orange cat and immediately took out a camera to take a picture of him. She looked at me and said, in Japanese (which was translated, obviously), "I love cats!" Yes, The Martha Stewart of Japan took pictures of my cat!


As she looked around our apartment, she started commenting on the style of our home. "You like Orla Kiely?", she asked me. "Well, yes! Yes, of course I do!", as I point to many (MANY) Orla Kiely items. She says to me, "I know. I like her too. I interviewed her."

And, she interviewed me.


My interview with Harumi Kurihara will air on the NHK International channel this Thursday, March 6th and Friday, March 7th at 4:30pm EST. If you get the NHK International channel with your cable provider, then you can watch it! Unfortunately, New York City doesn't seem to have the show so I will be unable to watch the interview until I am sent a physical copy in the mail. 

I spent about three hours with Harumi that morning. We talked about how I make Harper's lunches. We talked about how I began creating Harper's lunches. We talked about what bento means to me.

What does bento mean to me?

If you want to know, you'll have to tune in to NHK International channel this week to find out.