Ham Rolls


It's Monday and we are one week closer to Spring! Harper was just talking this weekend about running through the sprinklers. Hold on to your coat, Crazy! It's still in the 30's outside. She just can't wait for peaches and plums and watermelons! Girl can eat some watermelon! Can't we all? Forget Spring. Come on, Summer!

Harper's lunch today is in an EasyLunchboxes container. She has baby carrots and ham rolls, Pepperidge Farm crackers and a cream cheese stuffed mini red pepper. She also has Earth's Best Kidz Organic Applesauce adorned with sprinkles I found in the Target $1 bins! In the mini silicone cup is homemade trail mix that consists of almonds, raisins and a few M&M'S. By the way, that mini silicone cup comes in a pack of four and they are cheap, cheap, cheap!