Valentine Throwback


Valentine lunches are in full effect this week here on Food for Harper. This lunch is for Throwback Thursday and it's the fourth lunch of the Valentine series. The lunch you see here was Harper's lunch last year. She was 2 1/2 years old and I was JUST starting out on my quest to provide Harper with healthy, colorful and fun lunches each day. I was so excited how this turned out and this is when I really started documenting and taking pictures of what I was creating and what she was eating. 

Yes, that's right. What you see is Harper's lunch in a sandwich container. This is how it all began! It's actually in an Elmo Sandwich Box. She is eating strawberry hearts, blueberries, cheddar cheese, carrots and cucumber hearts. If you look closely, she has a roll of sliced turkey under the cucumbers.

I'll be posting a recipe for some delicious Valentine Granola tomorrow that you can make with your kids over the weekend. So stay tuned for more Valentine food ideas coming your way!