Valentine Sandwich


Valentine lunches don't have to be difficult and they don't have to take you a lot of time. This Valentine lunch is the second in the series. That's right, people! I'm giving you a Valentine lunch idea every day this week, so stay tuned!

Here, Harper has lunch in an EasyLunchboxes container and she is eating a cream cheese and jelly heart sandwich with a cut out mouth filled with heart shaped sprinkles (Target $1 bins!). The eyes are Wilton candy eyeballs; they come in a pack of 56, and are edible (they taste like SweeTarts). The tiny red bow at the top of the sandwich came in a pack of Hello Kitty food picks. She also has cucumber flowers with snap peas, red pepper flowers with carrots and hummus to dip those veggies! She has a strawberry heart and blackberries. She also has Laughing Cow cheese with a rose sticker.