Cucumber Kiwi


New York City public schools were on winter break this week which means so was Harper's preschool. Harper has a best friend named Jonah, and her and her bestie used to spend every day together when they were younger. Since starting preschool this past fall, they haven't been able to spend time together. It's actually a little tragic. They go to the same preschool, but Harper ended up in the morning program and her bestie ended up in the afternoon program. So sometimes, they see each other in passing. But when they see each other, it's like the world stops for them. This week was different though. They got to spend THREE days together. They love each other so much, and we're so glad they were able to have fun on their school break.

Harper's lunch today is in an EasyLunchboxes container. She has cucumber and kiwi slices and Pepperidge Farm butterfly crackers. These crackers came in a box of Pepperidge Farm Favorites and I found them at Target. She also has a hard boiled egg in a Wilton Flower Silicone Fun Cup and string cheese with two best buddies hanging out on top. The "best buddies" are actually CuteZCute Animal Bento Food Picks. Super cute, right? For a Friday lunch treat, she has Trader Joe's yogurt star cookies.