Go-GURT Dracula


Go-GURT Dracula, spiders and bats are wild, even this lunch doesn't frighten a child.

I was so lucky to find a Dracula Go-GURT in our recent yogurt tube box! That's one of the things we like best about Go-GURT - not only are the tubes totally convenient, but they are fun! We love seeing the different designs, and Harper was super excited to see a Halloween-like design with her Halloween lunch!

Harper's lunch here is in an old bento box I had laying around. You can find boxes like these on the bento supplies site All Things for Sale. I LOVEEEEE this site! Harper is eating baby carrots with Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps. She also has a clementine, a batty shaped hard-boiled egg and a Go-GURT Yogurt Tube. The two little spiders are cheapo spider rings I found at Party City. The green square silicone cups are made by Wilton.