Pepper Egg


"Is that the Eiffel Tower?!?" Harper asked this morning while looking out our living room window. "It's not the Eiffel Tower! The Eiffel Tower is in Paris," I said to her, "but that IS the Freedom Tower!" Just six weeks shy of moving out of our Brooklyn apartment and we never realized we could see the tower from just outside our window. Leave it up to a three year old to notice something like this. Children are amazing... especially our daughter.

Harper is eating lunch in her EasyLunchboxes container. She has a cream cheese stuffed red pepper, blueberries and dried apricots. She also has a bear molded egg and cheddar cheese flowers.

The egg was molded using the CuteZcute Animal Palz Mini Sandwich and Egg Press. Do you have this set? If not, you MUST GET IT! This thing is AMAZING!! You can mold eggs into 4 different animal shapes. You can also stamp bread to make impressions. It is a must have.