Princess Kabob


Here am I finishing up our week of deli meat lunches. This is actually an older lunch from back in the summer. This lunch has already been posted to Pinterest. I thought I'd sneak it in here because it was never posted on the blog!

I started documenting Harper's lunches to social media in a very backwards way. Usually, people start a blog and THEN add in Pinterest and Facebook and Instagram. I actually started pinning first with an occasional post on Instagram and Facebook.... THEN I launched this blog. So I have about 8 months worth of lunches that have never been posted to the blog. 

This lunch for Harper is in an EasyLunchboxes container. She has Blue Diamond walnut thins, cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes. She also has a ham and cheese kabob on a Disney Princess wand. This wand was left over from her birthday party and I cut it to fit in her lunch. She also has strawberries! Then for a treat, she has almonds and white chocolate chips.