Ham Rolls


Hope all of you had a great weekend! Sickness has, once again, plagued our children. Poor babies. Our little guy (did you know we have a toddler too?) had croup, and as soon as he was getting better, a couple of his little teeth decided to start popping through. Harper has the flu! I don't think I've ever seen her this sick. High fevers. Doesn't want to eat which is soooo unlike Harper! Girl likes to eat! But just as everything in life - this, too, shall pass.

Harper is feeling a lot better today. Fever down. Smiling. Asking to dance. You know, the normal Harper. I know she's good when she asks to put music on.

Her lunch today is in an EasyLunchboxes container. She has cucumber slices, little puffs of bread that I cut with a tiny veggie cutter, string cheese cut in bits and ham rolls. It's kind of like a do-it-yourself lunchable. She also has a clementine and homemade trail mix that includes golden raisins, almonds, white chocolate chips and Trader Joe's chocolate covered sunflower seed drops.