Reindeer Egg

The countdown to Christmas is on. We are actually going to be leaving New York City for the holidays, so Harper's Nana and Geema will be filling her belly with much more unhealthy foods than I usually do. But that's ok, right? It's the holidays! This week, I'll try to keep her lunches as healthy as possible so that I don't feel crazed when she is eating 10 cookies (and candy canes and pie and candy) next week. So yeah, this lunch is a pretty healthy one! Yeah!


Harper's lunch today is in an EasyLunchboxes container. She has a fried egg cut into squares. The reindeer food pick was bought from the bento supply shop All Things for Sale. She has a slice of red pepper, broccoli and cherry tomatoes. She also has slices of apple. I cut this apple similarly to the apple slices I had in the Elfie Apple Sandwich Lunch. I then stamped out the middle with a star veggie cutter. She also has Blue Diamond almond thins (these are gluten free!) and a square of Laughing Cow cheese.