Elfie Apple Sandwich

It's been a busy few weeks here in our home, but we are officially counting down to Christmas! Last weekend, we took Harper (and our  1-year old son, Adler) to visit Santa for the first time. Even though Harper is three, we've never taken her to meet Santa. I am actually Jewish, so all the Santa/Elves/Tree stuff is new to me. It's all pretty fun though when you have little ones!

Harper LOVED Santa, but Adler, not so much.

The holidays are officially upon us and it snowed in New York City this past weekend! It wasn't a lot of snow - just about 3-4 inches - but Harper kept asking, "Is it Christmas?" So cute that she associates snow with Christmas!

The lunch I created for Harper today is part of a blog hop. I've teamed up with some of my bento blogger friends to put together an amazing round-up of holiday themed lunches. I promise, you won't be disappointed! So please make sure you click the button towards the bottom to see some other holiday lunch ideas for your children.


Harper's holiday lunch is in an EasyLunchBoxes container. It's a fun one! She has an elf apple peanut butter sandwich. I sliced an apple and stamped out the core with a veggie cutter. I then put peanut butter in the middle of two slices. All this topped with a super cute elf face ring that I purchased on an bento supplies site called All Things For Sale. She also has avocado chunks and a small box of Sun-Maid peppermint yogurt raisins that I got at Target. The red star is actually a cookie cutter found in a pack of 4 at the Target $1 bins. I filled the star with sweet peas. She also has Pepperidge Farm crackers and mozzarella cheese cubes.

To see some more fun holiday themed lunches, hop on over to my friend Shannon at What's For Lunch At Our House?

Things found in this lunch: