Monster Muffin

Countdown to Halloween is on! Harper decided she wanted to be a fairy. She's been a little obsessed with the Disney Fairies lately. Then, she got an idea to be a princess only AFTER I'd already planned on the fairy costume. So what is a mommy to do? Keep that fairy costume and put a tiara on that girl. Wah-lah! FAIRY PRINCESS. 

One thing is for sure, she's been loving her Halloween lunches as we count down to the holiday. Below, is a monster muffin! Harper and I made pumpkin muffins, and if you didn't already know, pumpkin muffins are super easy. All you need is two ingredients! What is this, you say? YEAH! Next time you're at the store, pick up a 15 ounce can of pumpkin puree and a box of spice cake mix. Mix the two together (add chocolate chips or raisins if you'd like!) and you have yourself (and your family if you chose to share!) a dozen pumpkin spice muffins! Delicious.


In this lunch, I used Wilton candy eyes on the monster muffin and some Dracula fangs (pack of 10 found in the $1 target bins).... I cut the hinge so I was able to put the top teeth and bottom teeth in separately. A spider ring (pack of 20 at Party City for $1) on the mini banana carved with the word BOO (it got darker by the time she opened her lunch). Laughing Cow cheese underneath cherry tomatoes. The candy corns are resting in the top of a tea diffuser that I found at IKEA!


Things used in this lunch: